T? chuy?n ??i ngu?n t? ??ng (ATS) ???c s? d?ng ?? chuy?n sang ngu?n ?i?n d? phòng khi không có ngu?n ?i?n l??i và ng??c l?i. ATS ???c s? d?ng h?u h?t trong các nhà máy công nghi?p, cao ?c v?n phòng, trung tâm th??ng m?i, tr??ng h?c, b?nh vi?n, ... Nh?m t?ng n?ng su?t ho?t ??ng và gi?m thi?t h?i do s? c? m?t ?i?n gây ra.

Auto Transfer Switch panel (ATS) is used to transfer from main power source to backup source in case the main source is failure and need backward recovery. Almost ATS is used in industrial factories, trade centre, official buildings, colleges, and hospitals etc... It helps increasing itself productivity and decreasing power failure damages.

T? ATS 2 module

T? ATS - 2 Module

C?u trúc:

- Khung kim lo?i: dày 1.5mm - 2.0mm, s?n t?nh ?i?n.

- ???c thi?t k? d?ng module ho?c theo yêu c?u.

- Thi?t b? ???c s? d?ng chính: 2 Contractors, 2MCCB, 2 ACBs, ho?c b? ATS h?p b? c?a các hãng Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Mitsubishi, Socomec,....

- Thi?t b? ?i?u khi?n: ZEN, logo ho?c relay.

- Hai ch? ??: T? ??ng/ho?c tháo l?p b?ng tay cialis generika preis.


- Metal frame: from 1.5  to 2.00 mm thickness, electrostatic painting.

- Designed by modular pattern or requirements of owner.

- Used main components: 2 Contactor, 2 MCCB, 2 ACBs, or ATS set which come from famous brand names such as Siemens, Schneider, ABB, or Mitsubishi, Socomec ...

- Control components: ZEN, logo or relay.


- Two functions: Auto/ Manual

B? ?i?u khi?n ATS


Thông s? k? thu?t/ Electrical Characteristics:

- ?i?n áp ??nh m?c/ Rated voltage: 690V.

- T?n s? ??nh m?c/ Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz.

- Dòng ?i?n ??nh m?c/ Rated normal current: up to 6300A.

- ?i?n áp cách ?i?n/ Rated insulation voltage: 1000V.

- ?i?n áp ng?n m?ch ng?n h?n/ Rated short  time  withstand current: 6 kA.


- C?p b?o v?/ Protection index: IP 4X (indoor) and IPSX (outdoor)

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