T? phân ph?i ???c ?ng trong nhi?u l?nh v?c. T? DB  c?a WASCA ???c thi?t k? chu?n, t?o ?i?u ki?n thu?n l?i cho vi?c l?a ch?n ?? ?ng d?ng vào các công trình.

T? phân phôi DB

T? phân phôi DB

M?t s? ?u ?i?m c?a t? DB:

Thanh cái ???c d?p b?ng máy NC.

- Các m?ch ?i?n ???c ch? th? rõ ràng.

- Không gian l?p ??t r?ng.

- Có th? k?t n?i m? r?ng.

- ???c thi?t k? theo chu?n qu?c t?.

Bên c?nh ?ó, WASCA còn cung c?p nh?ng lo?i t? DB theo yêu c?u c?a khách hàng.

Distribution Boards can be used for many applications.

Designed as standard, providing practical and useful solution  for designer  and consultants with advantages: 

- Distribution busbar is fabricated by CNC machines.

- Circuit labeling for easy identification.

- Ample wiring space.

- Easy extension wiring.


- Design to comply with international standards Besides, WASCA also distributes DBs as customs required.

Thông s? k? thu?t:

- Tiêu chu?n: IEC 60439-1:2004:04 và BS EN 60439-1:1999

- ?i?n áp ??nh m?c:

  + M?t pha/ One phase: 230 VAC, 50Hz

  + Ba pha/ Three phase: 440 VAC, 50Hz

Dòng ?i?n ??nh m?c: 160/250/400/630 A.

- ?i?n áp cách ?i?n: 690 V.

- C?p b?o v?: IP54 ho?c theo yêu c?u.

- Có th? l?p n?i ho?c âm t??ng.

Electrical Characteristics:

- Standards: IEC 60439-1:2004:04 and BS EN 60439-1:1999.

- Rated voltage:

  + One phase: 230 VAC, 50Hz

  + Three phase: 440 VAC, 50Hz

- Rated normal current: 160/250/ 400/ 630 A.

- Rated insulation voltage: 690 V.

- Protection index: up to IP 54.


- The DB rang is available for surface wall mounted, floor standing  against  wall mounted or fixed to floor

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